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The social media game

The Social Media Game is a way that groups can use the Media4ME cards to design neighbourhood projects that encourage active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.
Project cards provide ideas about what may be useful in a neighbourhood, and then method cards are chosen to build up the projects. Finally players decide what other resources - including funding, equipment, and training - may be needed to deliver the projects. Some of these resources may already be available in the neighbourhood, some may be new resources.

Friday 26 October 2012 | Administrator Media4ME

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There are two versions of the game:

· A Demonstration version that uses a fictitious neighbourhood and a genral set of cards. No preparation is needed and it can be played in 1-2 hours as a self-contained activity.
· A strategy version of the game, designed for use in ‘real-life’ situation, i.e. a specific neighbourhood. Research is needed before the game is played to assemble information about the neighborhood and engage with key interests. The game session will be followed by work to put ideas into practice.

These demonstration and strategy versions of the game may be used in several different settings:
1. In neighbourhoods – firstly as a demonstration possibilities and secondly to develop a strategy.
2. As part of a media coach training.
3. At workshops, in conferences and in-house meetings of neighbourhood organisations.

For ways of using the cards as an individual, rather than in a group, see Help desk operation.

Before reading details of the game, you may wish to read the following sections:
1. The principles that underlie the advice in the game
2. The sort of challenges that projects are designed to address.
3. The different stages of development of a project or set of projects
4. The different methods that may be useful in projects
5. The competences that p[roject leaders may need.

The game versions

· The demonstration version

· The strategy version


Also have a look at:


The game settings
These are described below
· In a neighbourhood – demonstration and strategy versions
· For media coach training – demonstration version
· At conference and in-house meetings – demonstration version
Using the game in a neighbourhood
· In a general "game" session to introduce the use of media in the neighbourhoods. In this meeting representatives of neighbourhood organisations and institutions are being introduced to the use of media methods in support of their work. It also brings stakeholders together in order to encourage cooperation to improve social cohesion, intercultural dialogue,participation and citizenship in the neighbourhoods.
· In a planning session to facilitate concete planning discussions. The cards can be used to introduce and map project ideas. Because the project cards refer to necessary preconditions and supporting methods, it is possible to visualize the choises and the project process. The cards can also be used to make a timeline for the project execution and implementation. The resource kit is supporting this process by offering examples of budgets, practical tips and links to examples of " good practice".
Using the game for media coach training

The cards of the Social Media Game are perfect tools to be used in a Media coach training for social and educational professionals in the neigbourhood. This training can consist of :
· An introduction of practical usage of social media as part of projects.
· The Social Media Game
· How to use (social) media in your work, what are the effects, ethical questions and professional implementation.

A media coach training can be longer and more extensive depending on the aims, objectives and target groups.