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The international project

Thursday 13 December 2012 | Administrator Media4ME

Media4Me aims to:

beeld/2012/12/neighbourhoods.jpg -

  • Encourgane and improve cooperation between organisations, institutes and intermediates on neighbourhood level

  • Support cross-community approaches for fostering mutual understanding

  • Improve the image of the neighbourhoods
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    Media4ME is an international network of seven partners in Belgium (Flanders & Wallonia), Czech Republic, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom. Media4ME creates strategic partnerships of stakeholders in neighbourhoods and with their cooperation it develops comprehensive action plans for neighbourhoods to introduce the use of intercultural social media to support the process of intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and countering the negative portrayal of neighbourhoods. The action plans are based on binding and bonding of stakeholders in the neighbourhoods and on co creation of existing good practice. Media4ME facilitates the implementation with in company mediacoach training workshops and process management. Media4Me International is co-financed by the EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme.

    Media4ME International is financially supported by:
    EU Logo Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

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