Tuesday 23 April 2019

Evaluation Media4ME

The Media4Me International project, funded by the European Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Agency was carried out from March 2011 until April 2013 under the coordination of Mira Media from the Netherlands. The other countries involved are Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania and the U.K.

Thursday 06 February 2014 | Administrator Media4ME

Media4Me set out to address three interconnected challenges which are highly critical in multicultural neighbourhoods:


1.      local governments, organisations and institutes have trouble to reach out to and to communicate with local (ethnic) communities;


2.      intercultural communication between citizens is poor, leading to miscommunications with, between and among majority and minority groups;


3.      the portrayal of multicultural neighbourhoods in the media is often unbalanced and biased.




To address these challenges the project defined a two-level strategy reflecting a shorter and a longer term perspective.


The higher-level, longer-term strategy is to increase awareness of, create the organisational conditions and develop the skills and competences to exploit the increasing opportunities that new/social media offer to involve citizens in intercultural dialogues and social cohesion activities (including the delivery of public services). The goal is thus to empower institutions, social organisations and individuals by improving their digital and media competences and by promoting networking and collaboration among community stakeholders. The implementation of innovative initiatives in the neighbourhoods is a crucial driver to achieve this. In order to support the above empowering processes and launch and carry out innovative initiatives, sustainable infrastructures are needed. The Media4Me.org virtual platform and helpdesk developed in the Netherlands was the proposed reference model for this at the start of the project.


The short-term steps towards those broader goals are the specific aims and activities of the Media4Me project which can be summarized as follows:


-    at transnational level, the coordinator organised some key training and sharing activities among all national partners (see below) and set up an online wiki-based resource system. These activities and tools aimed at: creating a common understanding of the project’s goals; presenting and transferring to the partners some methods and tools for designing and deploying innovative social-media based initiatives in local neighbourhoods (in particular, the social media game); training some of their staff as media coach trainers to be involved in those initiatives; stimulating the collaboration and circulation of information within the partnership;


-    at national level, the partners had to identify so called ‘flagship’ multicultural neighbourhoods where to operate and key issues to tackle through media projects. They had to connect with local partners, and undertake actions to enhance their awareness and knowledge of new media. They should set up with them pilot media projects aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and social cohesion in the neighbourhoods. And these activities should be sustainable, i.e. create the conditions for continuation and replication beyond the end of the project and the present neighbourhoods.


Bridging the two levels, by supporting the partners’ learning and at the same time by demonstrating in the project their service capacity, Media4Me was expected to show the partners new ways of financing their activities. Some form of Media4Me Helpdesk could function as a kind of agency offering its services to neighbourhood or town councils and to all kinds of local organisations.


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